A community for independent artists + creatives 

self guided and super supportive of fellow creatives!

What is Practice. Process. Positivity?

It's an online space which I've created to invite artists and creatives to come together to learn, grow, connect

and create (of course) with myself and one another.

As a working artist, I realise the importance of maintaining a creative practice within our lives. We each have varying amounts of time to allocate and keeping some kind of momentum going can be challenging. We can fall in and out of it and each time, getting back in can be tricky...

I've been there many times.

My community is designed to help keep your practice on track, however that looks for you and offer you the guidance and support you need, when YOU need it.

There's no catching up, no being behind, no missing sessions, it's here for you when you need it and it will keep strengthening - it's here for you to come and take what you need, get involved in the conversations you want to get involved in, learn the techniques you want to learn,

hang out with like minded creatives...

and take it all back to your practice.

Supporting your creative life


What can you expect?

  • LIVE monthly calls

  • Reflection / Intention setting

  • Project sessions

  • Q + A sessions

  • Community hub 

  • Monthly opt-in small group support 

  • Focused conversations

  • Monthly 'experimental' themes

  • Co-create socials 

I'm SO excited to

get going with this​!

I'd like to know more!