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Practice. Process. Positivity 
Creative Conversations - small mentor groups

Support for artists
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Creative Conversations

Small group mentoring

4 / 8 / 12 week options

Practice, Process + Positivity

Supporting your creative life

What are you struggling

with in your creative practice?

Motivation? Progress? Consistency?

When we're stuck, we feel lost. We begin to procrastinate and make excuses to resist time in the studio - it feels awful. I know because I've been there.

Over the last 6 years I have taken various art courses and have been a part of many large membership groups, which have all been great... but I've found the most support when I've participated in small focus groups. The bond and intimacy which can be found in these groups is priceless. Working in a small group allows you to open up and share your thoughts with other artists who 'get it' without being judged. They help you to grow in confidence and hold you accountable to the commitment you've made in your creative practice.

I've created a space for artists and creatives to come together with me and work through these times. We will focus on ways to resolve the issues you're experiencing and help you to move past them. Everyone will be at different stages and will be working on different things so this is a collective experience of sharing information, giving and gaining support in order to help one another achieve individual goals.

Registration is now open 

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If you missed out on a space this time 


the Spring sessions will start in April 2022

Please leave your email address below if you would like a nudge when the tickets are available.

Thank you I'll be in touch!

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