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 Course content: 


What is the definition of ‘Creative Shift’? 

‘Creative Shift’ refers to a change in an individuals approach, mindset, or perspective that leads to a new and innovative way of thinking, problem-solving, or creating. It often involves leaving behind old patterns and behaviours which are no longer supporting our practice. Through the exploration of fresh ideas and new perspectives, more supportive processes can be identified and implemented. 'Shifts' can occur in various contexts, such as in ones art work, personal life or other, creative endeavour. Although not always a comfortable transition, shifts are often essential for progression.

How is CREATIVE SHIFT different from other courses? 

I share a personal framework of ’tools’ which I've identified and developed over a period of 25+ years. They have helped me to navigate the many ups and downs of my (very varied) creative practice and carve out a process which works for me. The invitation for course members is to adopt some or all of these tools in order to create a personal process and practice which works for them too. This is a structured process of thinking about your work and what you’d like it to become. CREATIVE SHIFT doesn’t include any technique based or practical, art tuition, it asks you to ask yourself some important questions in order to discover the what's and why's of your art and process... which ultimately leads you to a place of confidence and clarity about the work that you want to create.


What type of course is this? 

This in an artist development course - it isn’t a painting demonstration / technique based course. It’s an opportunity for you to delve into your own creative practice with prompts and exercises from me.

Is it a course for beginners or experienced artists?

The 'tools' I share in CREATIVE SHIFT can be applied by all levels of artists, at any time, I always say, 'the course meets you wherever you are'. It's an introspective process of thinking about your work and the considerations around how you might like to develop it, so it's always relevant to whatever stage one is at. Due to this, the course works for both beginners more experienced artists.

Note: Course members at any stage will find CREATIVE SHIFT easier and more fulfilling if they are open to exploring themselves and their art on a deeper level.

I’m a still life / landscaper / portrait painter, will CREATIVE SHIFT help me? 

As the course isn’t technique-based, the focus isn’t on specific mediums or subject matter. CREATIVE SHIFT is a way of thinking about and understanding your work on a deeper level. Firstly, we look at the self, the ‘why’ around your work - and explore how much of ‘you’ is in your work. Later, we consider the visual elements in your work, this may seem obvious for a still life artist - but not necessarily. The objects you choose and their relevance make up part of the story you're telling. The other topics we cover are relatable to your creative practice as a whole. 

Do I have to be self-motivated to complete the course? 

There is much guidance throughout the course and optional exercises for each module, however, I cannot do the work for you(!). It may sound like a cliché but the more you apply yourself to CREATIVE SHIFT, the more you will benefit from it - so yes, I'd say that ideally, you would feel motivated to want to dive in! 

Is there any preparation work? 

Yes, I’ll be in touch a week before the course begins (1st April 2024) with a small amount of preparation work, mostly photo gathering of past and present work. 


 Structure / format / materials


How is the course structured?

There are 10 modules which are delivered over 8 weeks plus 2 rest weeks (WK’s 5 + 9). 

The weekly modules are delivered to an online platform via a series of short videos (replay available).

LIVE Q+A calls (via zoom) offer an opportunity to have your questions answered and share your experiences (recorded + replay available)

Conversations and work shares can be shared within the online platform throughout the course and a digital /printable workbook will support the course.

How much time will I need to commit to the course? 

It's difficult to say but a minimum of 2 hours per week would be good to really absorb the content, there are many levels you could take each module to so there's no maximum time. Any amount of time allocated can be split into smaller time blocks, some would be just 5 mins during the day.

It's mostly introspective so things tend to pop up when you’re doing other things, when you’re out walking or gardening or just sitting having a coffee. As mentioned above, like with most things, the more you apply yourself to CREATIVE SHIFT, the more you will benefit from it.

What materials do I need for this course? 

Although a digital /printable workbook is supplied to support the course, many participants like to expand on the modules in a separate journal or on loose sheets of paper. If this is how you like to work, then this would apply to you. 


How many people will be on the course? Are the number of participants limited?

The course is open to an unlimited number of participants which means there is a wonderful opportunity for shared learning.  It allows for a wider range of perspectives and backgrounds which can enhance discussions and provide an all-round, enriching experience

Is it a self-paced or live course?

It’s both! The weekly modules are delivered via pre-recorded videos at the beginning of each week (Monday's) and then we have a LIVE Q & A call on Thursdays 5pm (BST) and Saturday's 8am (BST).



Is there any teacher interaction?

Yes, plenty! I'm present throughout the course.

What support is available?

The course moderators (all CREATIVE SHIFT alumni) and I will be present throughout the course; on the online platform as well as during the LIVE calls to answer your questions. Please note: In the interest of efficiency, I may consolidate related questions when responding. 

Will individual questions be answered? 

Yes, questions will be collated and either answered on the LIVE call, in the group chat or via a pre-recorded video. Please note: as previously mentioned, for efficiency, I may consolidate related questions when responding.


How can I get help if I need it during the course? 

You can contact me directly and I’ll respond within 24 hours unless otherwise stated: hello@sally-anneashley.com 


 Dates / LIVE calls / access: 

When does the course start? 

The first module will be delivered to the online platform via pre-recorded video on Monday 1st April 2024. The first LIVE Q&A will take place on Thursday 4th April 2024.

Which days / times are the LIVE Q&A calls? 

LIVE calls: Thursday’s 5pm (BST) and Saturday’s 8am (BST) - no LIVE calls during the rest weeks (WK's 5 + 9).

Link to time convertor: https://www.timeanddate.com/


What happens if I’m unable to join the live calls?

Not attending some of the LIVE Q&A calls won't be a problem. All of the content is recorded (incl. the LIVE calls) and accessible via the online platform until 31.03.25. In previous years, many course members worked through the content for a second time after the course ended (some for the first if they were away during the course) and continued to share their findings and progress in the community group, everyone was on different schedules and worked through it as and when they could. I should mention that there's no real need to 'keep up' as such - the tools I share during the course can be returned to and applied at any time.

 Payments and refunds: 

Can I pay in instalments? 

Yes, you can choose to pay in either 2 or 3 instalments. The first instalment can be paid at the time of booking to secure your space and subsequent instalments to follow monthly:


Please contact me for payment details on: hello@sally-anneashley.com

Can I cancel my space and request a refund before the course starts?

If you're unable to attend the course after booking, you may cancel your space up to 14 days before the course starts and receive a full refund, minus a cancellation charge of £25.

No refunds will be issued within 14 days of the start date (1st April 2024).



Can I ask for a refund if I don’t like the course?

I have tried to give as much information as possible about the course and have interviewed past participants in order for them to share their experience, hopefully this level of information is sufficient enough to help you decide if the CREATIVE SHIFT is right for you as refunds aren’t available once the course has started.



How long do I have access to the course for?

You have access to the group and all of the course material for 1 year (until 31.03.25)

 Lastly - what the course is not: 

Please note that this isn't a painting / drawing / paint along / composition / technique or practical based course, nor is it about selling your work or growing your social media following. These may follow later in the year(!) but CREATIVE SHIFT is a carefully curated course of introspection; the focus is on you, your work and what you’d like it to become.


If you have a question which hasn’t been answered here,

please contact me on hello@sally-anneashley.com 

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