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Open studio chats

with artists around the world

If you love seeing behind-the-scenes in artists studios as much as I do, join me for these relaxed open studio sessions where I will be virtually visiting artists in their studios to discuss their practice, processes and positivity (how they maintain a positive mindset throughout the creative process!). It's a rare opportunity to 'meet' artists in their work spaces and ask the questions you may not usually be able to.

The chats take place either via Zoom or live on Instagram - please check the details as they differ from artist to artist.

If it's a Zoom call, click the 'register' link and you will be taken to a booking page.

If it's live on Instagram just pop over on the time / date specified.

Some chats are monthly so we can follow along with the artists' projects and others are one-offs.

Have a browse of the upcoming schedule below and get ready to join the conversation, I look forward to see you there!




Natalie is an abstract artist based in New York, USA

We regularly go live on Instagram to talk all things art, from mindset to the meaning of our marks and everything in between.

Check out my IG page for updates

and see here for our previous live.

Natalie and I have also created

'The Experimental Drawing Club' 

which takes place every

1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month!


Catch up on

previous sessions here

LIVE ART CHAT from the studio with LIN CHEUNG 

Lin and I are delighted to invite you to join us for an hour of live painting and chat from our respective art studios. 

This is a chance to join us as we demonstrate and talk about how we create our work. 

Each session is a window into the creation and life of a painting and the thoughts and process of the artist in the creative process. 

The format is once a month on a Friday afternoon via Zoom, and each session will be recorded and available to view later on Youtube. 

Registration is free, although you can contribute to time and costs if you wish by 'buying us a cup of coffee'. 

Lin Cheung is an abstract artist. Lin works mainly in mixed media etc

Lin Lives in Buxton a small spa town on the edge of the Peak District an area of open moorland and limestone hills and valleys. Her studio is on the top floor of her house overlooking the town. 

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