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Work on paper

Primitive marks and delicate layers

In this mini series of work on paper, I explore what feels like a more primitive style of mark making,

The combination of heavy brushstrokes and scratchy, fragile marks offer exciting variations of line.

Textured surfaces create an uneven ground to allow paint, inks and stains to catch and seep into the under layers.  I found a place I was looking for, somewhere between structure and wildness.

This collection of abstract paintings are are 6x6" with 12x12" matting



shapes + 

Drawing inspiration from life, I find fascination in things considered mundane and around my studio there are interesting lines to be discovered in everyday objects such as glass jars, paint brushes and glue bottles.  


The painted lines have a different quality, a certain aliveness, which I then work intuitively with to draw connections that form organic shapes and compositions.

These medium sized abstract paintings (approx 18x24") are framed and ready to hang. Through my ongoing explorations of line, shape and colour it's apparent that I'm drawn to creating encased forms. To me, they convey a sense of being held or holding everything inside, creating a feeling of safety within, where the magic happens.

In the frame

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