Support for Artists + Creatives

I'm kicking off 2022 with 'Practice, Process + Positivity'!

What is Practice, Process + Positivity?

It's a collective term for living our creative lives and as the name suggests, the focus is on exploring the nitty gritty of our 'practice + process'.

The 'positivity' part isn't about wearing rose-tinted glasses and pretending that everything is okay but it is about acknowledging where we are, cultivating and maintaining a healthy mindset and looking for ways to

'grow towards the light'.


My aim is to support your artistic endeavours in a variety of ways; through insightful interviews with creatives, by hosting a range of process led workshops and opening up my 8 week 'Creative Shift' seasonal sessions' where we can really get to grips with the nuts + bolts of your practice.


Through these channels, my hope is to offer you consistent encouragement, work towards overcoming any blocks you may have and find ways to help you to move forward, maintain and develop your creative practice.

From there, who knows, I'm certain there will be many organic off-shoots along the way.


I hope you'll join me in some way along the path.

Sally-Anne x

Starting off with:

Creative Shift Sessions

Q: Are you experiencing a creative funk?

Q: Thinking about a change in your work?

Q: Would you like to take some time to reflect on your creative practice and work through any obstacles?

If any of those questions provoked thoughts of,

'well, yes...' then read on -

I have been there many times, questioning my work, wanting something more from it and not quite knowing which path to take - honestly, I 'know'.

Focus Sessions

I'm also a part of many art groups - which are huge - great but huge and they're definitely not the place for these in-depth conversations to take place, hundreds of responses to questions aren't helpful, they're overwhelming. 

Intimate chats in small groups where I feel confident to speak out and share my thoughts are helpful and this is where my desire sits in helping others.

Art buddies who 'get it' ask the kind of questions which enable us to find our own answers and give us the confidence we need to take the next steps on our creative paths.

If this is something you've been thinking about, my 8 week 'Creative Shift' sessions may be able to help you.