I've got you

I've got you


Original abstract painting by Sally-Anne Ashley


  • Acrylic paint / ink / various pencils / hand and machine embroidery on canvas
  • 20 x 20 x 1.5" (50 x 50 x 3.5cm) painting  
  • Finished with a UV protective satin varnish
  • Ready to hang
  • Framing options available 
  • Please contact me for a shipping quote


  • More about this painting...

    'I've got you' was many, many paintings before I bought it to this place.  Here it offers me an odd sense of community - the seemingly teetering structures or characters are bought together in what could be perceived as a precarious manner, however, their jostling composition offers much stability and support.

    This is apparent in our existence and relationships too, although we may be feeling vulnerable or unsteady, we are resilient - we can often still share light and strength.

    There are big players in this painting, prominent characters, the heavier area of slate grey and the nuanced tones of the inky blacks - but the small brights are mighty. Their vibrance holds strong and definitely brings an offering to the table!  


    As mentioned, this was many paintings previously so several layers of paint had built up, this had caused the fabric to sag. I originally made this canvas so knew I could re-stretch it. Once removed from the stretcher bars, it felt completely different to handle, it immediately became a much loved piece of cloth which I felt a strong connection to. I had the desire to be 'closer' to it, like an avid reader carries their books, I wanted to keep this well loved fabric close to me.  That's when I felt drawn to paint on it with my fingers and start stitching into it. 

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