Throughout this collection you will find an array of intertwined and connected lines, expanding and contracting as they stretch out and explore new pathways.  Whilst on this exciting journey of growth and discovery, organic forms and encapsulating shapes are intuitively created, seemingly to nurture the fragility that lies within.

Small works on paper - framed 

During this series I have adopted new ways of working.  Drawing inspiration from life, I find fascination in things considered mundane and around my studio there are interesting lines to be discovered in everyday objects such as glass jars, paint brushes and glue bottles.  The painted lines have a different quality, a certain aliveness, which I then work intuitively with to draw connections that form organic shapes and compositions.


Throughout this collection I enjoyed working with a limited palette  - I find freedom within constraints as fewer decisions enable me to work spontaneously and create a wonderfully harmonised palette. 

Medium works on paper - unframed

Through my ongoing explorations of line, shape and colour it's apparent that I'm naturally drawn to creating encased forms.  To me, they convey a sense of being held or holding everything inside, creating a feeling of safety within, where the magic happens within us all.

Medium works on paper - framed 

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