Winter Abstractions

Primitive marks and delicate layers

In this mini series of 10 artworks on paper, I explore what feels like a more primitive style of mark making,

The combination of heavy brushstrokes and scratchy, fragile marks offer exciting variations of line.

Textured surfaces create an uneven ground to allow paint, inks and stains to catch and seep into the under layers.  I found a place I was looking for, somewhere between structure and wildness.

The Gathering - chapter 1

Inspired by a darker palette and pull towards turning inwards, the development of these paintings has been both exciting and surprising to me.  Subtle layers interspersed with spontaneous gestures and carefully positioned marks capture the aliveness of the moment but also my desire for form. 

Maybe it's the season, maybe it's my recent life transitions but I feel these eclectic works mark the beginning of a new chapter.