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Intuitive painter, maker and stitcher are some of the names I'd use to describe myself within my creative practice.

I'm endlessly inspired by the process of creativity and the opportunity to translate how I experience the world through line, shape and colour.

After leaving university to embark on my entrepreneurial journey (not that I knew what that was back then), little did I know how many twists and turns I'd experience along the way. From clothes and furniture making to luxury interiors and mentoring young entrepreneurs, my creative career has been varied and interesting! Fast forward to now, I left my day job just over a year ago to fully immerse myself in my art practice. My days are spent in my gorgeous industrial studio, painting, connecting with creative communities and bringing art workshops to life so I can share this wonderful space with others.   


Inspired by living life on the coast.

Breathing in the sea air, meandering around boat yards, noticing the beauty and history found in washed out colours and textures.

Let me take you there in these captured moments.

10 small paintings / collages

Beach Inspired Abstracts.jpeg

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