What is Mark Making?

Markmaking is at the core of my practice and it's as unique as our handwriting.

For years I've been fascinated in where the marks come from. They are an extension of the way we move, a response to the way we're feeling, the result of an energetic impulse from within.

Marks and lines can vary in length and weight. They can be continuous or broken, solitary and gentle or bold and repetitive.  They can describe a feeling and be achieved in numerous ways; with eyes closed, using a non-dominant hand, be in response to music and so on.

Over time, I noticed how similar marks would repeatedly appear in my work and upon deeper exploration, I could attach meaning to them,

I could relate to them in the same way that I would write an entry in my journal. They became what I later learnt was a visual language. I went on to explore symbolism and my marks became their own meanings, mark making journals were introduced to my practice and I continue to investigate them as I move through different collections of work.

My marks change as I change.

They reflect my life's journey, if I'm feeling confident and bold in life, my marks appear proud and more definite, if I'm experiencing a quiet and contemplative period, they will be seemingly more subtle and gentle.

I've learnt to build a kind of trust within my marks, they offer me pointers which guide me to understand something I'm feeling - maybe even before I've fully understood what it is or found the words to articulate it.