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 Conversations with previous course members 


Like many artists, Cathy has been creative throughout her life, not only painting but sewing and knitting too, she no longer compartmentalises these individual elements but considers them part of her creative practice as a whole.


Cathy joined my course, CREATIVE SHIFT after deciding that she wanted her art to change, it was already beginning to change and she was keen to explore the changes on a deeper level.


After working through a module which focuses on 'materials + processes', Cathy tried out some new mediums and adopted a playful approach. The course gave Cathy an artistic roadmap and she continues to return to the 'tools' shared throughout the course.

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Charlotte began painting abstractly in 2022 after listening to an inner voice telling her she needed to paint! She took CREATIVE SHIFT to help her establish a foundation and framework for her new creative practice.


The course gave Charlotte permission to follow her interests and nudges in her work and the 'tools' from CREATIVE SHIFT are now very present in her practice. Journaling, pausing without pressure, noticing (and changing!) unhelpful habits have helped Charlotte to build a personal framework for creating the work she wants to make.


Landscape painter and mixed media artist, Louise Grant had been painting regularly for about 2 years before taking CREATIVE SHIFT last year.


Louise joined the course with two questions that she wanted to work through - these were about her work becoming more abstract and feeling guilty about wanting to retire early to paint full-time. Do either of these resonate with you? CREATIVE SHIFT helped Louise to shift her mindset through journaling, mind mapping and the discussions which take place within the community.


Louise says the course made her more comfortable with discomfort and allowed her to be more intuitive, bold, and confident in her art making. Her work is quite different now to when she started - how inspiring is that?!

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Fi arrived at CREATIVE SHIFT after experiencing some challenging times, she hadn't been making art for a while and had made the decision to reconnect with herself through creativity. Her creative practice was the one thing she felt she could trust in and she felt confident in that space.


With plans to start a business, Fi had a fairly fixed idea of what she wanted her ‘shift’ to be during the course. However, as she worked through the weekly modules, she watched those ideas change from wanting to create a ‘product’, to experiencing joy and acceptance in the work she was creating.


I think Fi’s story is one which resonates with many artists and creatives. Finding the balance between creating and selling work can be a tricky one and it’s up to each individual as to where that sits for them.


I’m delighted that Fi was able to discover what it was that the actually wanted - and not what she thought she wanted through CREATIVE SHIFT.


When Ann joined Creative Shift, she had only been creating art for around a year and a half but had reached a point where she felt overwhelmed and stuck. 


Throughout the course, one of the most significant shifts for Ann was moving from frustration and disappointment to openness, curiosity, and playfulness. She realised that her art was not just a separate activity but an integral part of her creative life. By following her inner nudges and embracing pauses, she found joy and reduced overwhelm in her art practice.


Ann also emphasised the power of deep reflection and introspection that Creative Shift encouraged. It wasn't just about painting techniques; it was about exploring the connection between art and life, discovering who she truly was as an artist, and expressing her authentic self through her work.


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Anne had been creating art for over 40 years, starting with cross-stitch kits and evolving into creative embroidery and teaching. However, as arthritis began to affect her hands, she sought a new creative pursuit. That's when she discovered painting.


She discovered Creative Shift last year, initially, she found it challenging but as the weeks progressed, Anne began to see a shift in her perspective and approach to her art.


It was around week seven when Anne experienced a breakthrough. Through the course assignments and introspection, she realised that she had been staying within her comfort zone, not taking risks or fully expressing her true artistic self. Week ten marked a significant turning point as Anne felt a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for her art!


Joyce was feeling stuck and unsure of how to translate her ideas into her art practice. She had dabbled in various courses but lacked the clarity and focus she was seeking. She found CREATIVE SHIFT and felt drawn to the word 'shift' itself, knowing that she wanted to make a change.


Throughout the course, Joyce experienced a deep transformation that went beyond her expectations. She learned the power of noticing, paying attention to the details and patterns in her surroundings and how they influenced her art. By asking herself 'why?' and exploring her motivations, she gained a deeper understanding of her creative process and discovered new possibilities for self-expression.

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