1-to-1 Studio Sessions


(and yes, this includes beginners or those who haven't picked up their brushes since school)

Whether you feel daunted by dipping your toes back into your creativity or you're a seasoned artist wanting to discuss your practice or a project with a fellow artist - I invite you to take part in some 1:1 sessions with me which are tailored to your needs.

These focused studio sessions will enable you to dive deep into your creativity either online via a zoom call

or in my fully equipped art studio in Southend-on-Sea. 

If you would like to give someone special the gift of creativity, gift cards are available for these sessions.

Are you looking to reignite your creative spark?

If you're feeling like you want to kick-start your creative exploration but don't know where to start, a good way to begin is to find out what really lights you up. Through discussion and a variety of creative prompts, we can look to reignite your spark and open the door to rediscovering your creative voice.

Or do you have a creative practice that you'd like to develop?

Alternatively, you may have a regular art practice and wish to introduce some new processes.

Maybe you'd like more freedom and expression in your work or maybe you see something in my work which you'd like explore in your own way. Talking over your ideas with someone who 'get's it' and being in a creative space with an abundance of art materials to hand can open up a whole world of new possibilities! 

Sally-Anne Ashley

How does it work?

Below I have listed a variety of elements which make up my creative practice (both the practical and the planning side of things). This is an opportunity for you to dive into the area(s) which are of personal interest to you and enable me to tailor our session(s) accordingly. Depending on the amount of time booked, it's preferable to limit the focus to just one or two of the elements listed, in a short time, this allows for an overview of the topic, a longer time would allow for a deeper explorative experience.


I'm certain that however you choose to access these personalised sessions, our time together will offer you a good foundation and jumping off point should you wish to build on our sessions independently.

Bookings for 1:1 sessions will open again in Mid-January 2023


Most of the elements above can be delivered and explored virtually from my studio to yours, as long as you have the ability to share your work with me either via your laptop camera, a webcam or an overhead camera, we can carry out a similar format to an in-person session - I just can't make you tea!

What people are saying

'When I saw the description of Sally-Anne’s Intuitive Art workshop I was immediately drawn to it. Art used to be a big part of my life when I was younger but with the busy nature of my life as a working mum, it’s something that has always taken a back seat. I booked the workshop and felt a mixture of excitement and nerves. 


However, the minute I met Sally-Anne I instantly felt at ease. She was warm and inviting. We chatted, got to know each other and talked about art. I loved hearing about Sally-Anne’s paintings and processes, it inspired me. She then helped me to start ‘freeing up’ and encouraged me to explore artistically. The way Sally-Anne eased me in and talked through the artistic process really made me loosen up and let myself go. We spent the evening painting while listening to music, talking about art and life. I absolutely loved it. The creativity, the enjoyment, there was even a sense of spirituality to the session. 


I came out of the workshop absolutely buzzing. I felt alive, inspired and motivated and couldn’t stop talking about it! I cannot recommend Sally-Anne’s workshops enough and am so excited to go back for more.'

Catherine - Intuitive Art workshop attendee

Once a booking has been made, I will be in touch to arrange a convenient date / time for our session(s) to begin.

I look forward to seeing you in the studio (in-person or online)!