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That's it for another year -
CREATIVE SHIFT 2023 was amazing!
If you would like to join us in 2024 - Sign up to the WAIT LIST below: 

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Q: Do you feel stuck or frustrated in your creative practice?

Q: Would you like to get to know and understand your work better?

Q: Have you taken lots of art courses but now want to focus on making YOUR own work?​

Q: Do you feel overwhelmed with too many ideas and don’t know how to move forward?

I know these feelings because I’ve been there too - and even worse, many times the frustration has led to complete paralysis in my studio - this was SUCH an uncomfortable place to be. 

I knew there must be a way of working through these problems in a methodical way before I gave up! 


As creative beings, it’s absolutely wonderful that we want to try so many things and I’m totally in support of this. It adds to our creative melting pot of ideas and keeps our curiosity alive - but at some point, many of us reach a place of ‘What now?’ and with so many thoughts and possibilities buzzing around, the feeling of overwhelm kicks in and we don’t know how to move forward.


I’ve shared my framework, CREATIVE SHIFT with many artists and have seen so many wonderful ‘shifts’ - artists who felt just like you, but who are now applying this framework each time their work evolves.

Some artists experience shifts in their work, others experience shifts on a more personal level,

but what they all share is the ability to access a thoughtfully curated journey of introspection which

brings focus and clarity to where they’re heading.


How is that possible?

Through deep reflection and exploration of my own creative path, I created a structure which provides a step by step process of understanding your own work and its uniqueness. From the point of inspiration through to the consideration of visual elements and the materials and processes you use. The framework offers you a way to connect the threads in your work which brings a sense of cohesion and allows you to trust in your own path. 


When we better understand ourselves and the work we create, it ignites a renewed sense of confidence, excitement and courage to move forward!

Sally-Anne Ashley Art Juice Podcast Episode 186.jpeg


Episode 186: Finding Your Process

If you'd like to hear more about CREATIVE SHIFT, you can listen to Louise Fletcher and I talk about it on the ART JUICE podcast - 

Louise took an earlier version of my course and recommended it in her newsletter and across her social media channels.




10 weeks of guided conversations, reflections, actions and prompts designed to help you navigate through 'shifts' in your work


An opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of your work and your practice by exploring your inspirations, visual elements + materials and processes


An invitation to join ​a like minded community of artists and creatives who are also experiencing and working through 'shifts' - this offers a wider understanding of the types of 'shifts' that others experience (for future reference!)




To fill your artist's internal 'tool box' with a variety of methods which will enable you to navigate the 'shifts' in your work and move forward with confidence and courage!


A guided process of reflection, observation and critical thinking about your work and creative practice - topics to include:

  • Identifying and exploring your 'shift' 

  • Consideration of visual elements in your work in relation to your 'shift'

  • Pushing boundaries with your materials and processes 

  • Using mindfulness and introspective tools in your practice

  • Developing a personal framework for your practice

  • Cultivating a self-guided practice


  • Weekly topics are delivered via video to a private Facebook group / online platform (replay available) 

  • LIVE Q+A / discussion calls (via zoom) offer an opportunity to discuss the weekly topic, share your experiences and share your work as you explore your 'shift' (recorded + replay available)

  • A private Facebook group / online platform will be available for conversations, work shares + thoughts throughout the course

  • Two interspersed rest weeks

  • Ongoing community support, thought and journal prompts, worksheets and resources  


     Video delivery + LIVE call dates:

  • Weekly topics are delivered via video into the Facebook group / online platform on Mondays, starting 17th April 2023 

  • Weekly LIVE Q+A calls (1- 2hrs) take place on Thursdays at 5pm (BST), starting 20th April 2023 (recorded and available to watch replay)

  • All recordings / content available until 31.08.23

What have previous course members have said about CREATIVE SHIFT?
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But is CREATIVE SHIFT right for me?

In this short series of videos, previous course members share their overall experience, how the course

impacted their creative practice, explain what 'shifted' for them and how much time they committed each week.


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