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Discussion Groups 

These small discussion groups (8 members) will enable you to continue on your CREATIVE SHIFT journey.
As we work through the 10 key points of the course, you will be invited to focus on the areas which feel most important to you at present. Through guidance, group discussion and peer-to-peer support, the aim is for you to further clarify your pathway forward with your specific enquiry(ies) in mind.

Six group sessions will take place over five months, the cost is £225

There is a choice of two groups, please check the dates and timezones.

Although recordings of the calls will be available, it would be ideal if you could check your availability before booking your space to ensure you are able to attend as many of the calls as possible.

Group 1

Tuesday's 6pm (BST) calls are 90 mins

29.08.23 - Session 1: Start where you are /  Narrow down your parameters​

12.09.23 - Session 2: Learn how to ‘read’ art work / Be curious about your Materials + Processes 

10.10.23 - Session 3: The juice is in 'noticing'! / Staying connected to your practice

14.11.23 - Session 4: 'Uncertainty' to 'Possibility' / Adopt an explorer's mindset

12.12.23 - Session 5: Nurture your Seeds / Understand the value of a ‘purposeful pause' 

02.01.24 - Session 6: Developing on

CREATIVE SHIFT - Discussion Group 1
CREATIVE SHIFT - Discussion Group 1
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29 Aug 2023, 18:00 – 19:30
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