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Dark Palette Paintings

2 Collections - 15 Paintings

  • The Gathering | Chapter 2

  • It's what I knew at the time

The Gathering | Chapter 2

If paintings could wrap you up and nurture you - these would be the ones to do that!


Thick layers of paint in dark earthy palettes conjure up feelings of forest dwellings an abundance of mystical rituals - always with a sense of being held, of safety.   

There are 6 paintings in this mini series creating a small and exclusive gathering - but you're invited :)

On canvas board, ready to hang on battens with fixings.

Small Abstract Painting.jpg

It's what I knew at the time

Our histories are imperfect -

Originally fuelled from a place of high emotion, these 9 paintings started out with inky black bases. It felt good to load up the surface with thick, sticky paint, pushing it around, sitting in that emotion - I enjoyed being immersed in that moment.

They gradually became lighter with shapes and forms finding their way through - repetitive marks symbolising memories and shapes patched over one another, finding ways to sit together as if supporting and conversing.

Painted on a mixture of canvas boards and reclaimed wood panels, these are cut imperfectly to represent the uniqueness of life and my outlook on acceptance - accepting the raw, celebrating the cracks, lifting others up - always looking to build stronger foundations and looking towards the light.

I've chosen to present them in a way which I feel is in keeping with the rawness in which they were made - there are battens with hanging fixtures on the reverse, they sit parallel to the wall and 'float' approx. 2cm away from it - sitting bold and proud :)

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