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The Experimental Drawing Club


  • Would you like to be more experimental with drawing?

  • Are you keen to bring more line work into your art practice?

  • Would you like to meet regularly with a like-minded group to develop this?

If this sounds interesting to you, abstract artist Natalie Dadamio and I invite you to join our drop-in experimental drawing club. We each have a desire to bring more drawing into our work and want to focus some time on developing this aspect.

To strengthen our commitment we've created 'The Experimental Drawing Club'.


We meet twice a month online (via zoom) where we explore and develop this part of our practice.

Throughout the sessions we will have an open conversation about art and the various topics which will naturally arise and we'd love for you to get involved - you can get a taste of what to expect here. Although the sessions aren't tutored, we will be sharing our current projects, offering prompts and suggestions which you may want to try in your own practice.

Bring your pencils and charcoal and whatever else you'd like to experiment with!

The sessions aren't recorded so you can be open and free with your experiments, 'what happens in the drawing club, stays in the drawing club'.

We will share our progress on Instagram via @the_experimental_drawing_club using #theexperimentaldrawingclub and would be delighted if you wanted to share too so we can start building The Experimental Drawing Club community!

Natalie and I met on Instagram over a year ago through a shared admiration of one another's raw and expressive mark making.

We now speak almost daily about art, life and everything in-between and we'd love for you to join us.

Sorry, there are no upcoming dates for this workshop.

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