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Can I give art for Christmas?

'Ooh how exciting! Another year, another gift to buy!’

'Oh not again, what on earth can I give to [insert relevant person's name] this year?'

Sound familiar?

It's always a thing isn't it - I personally find gift giving rather stressful, unless I know the person will *really* love or appreciate the gift, I mean, who wants to give just for giving's sake? I find it can be so wasteful and meaningless. I'm fully aware that I sound like The Grinch here, I'm not really, I just know how stressful many people find this time of year and that's the part which irks me.


With these thoughts in mind, you may wonder why I chose to create not one but two(!) Winter collections?! (Well, they're rather small collections, but still.)

Considering art in terms of gift giving took me back to a time when somebody gifted me a painting - I was completely overwhelmed and I absolutely loved it. I'll share the full story another time but for now, I wanted you to know how it felt to be given art as a gift and because of that, why I think it's makes the perfect present.

(All of the reasons below apply to my experience!)


So here are 3 reasons why I believe that giving art at Christmas is a wonderful gesture:

1. Choosing a painting, sculpture or an artisan piece for someone special shows you have taken the time to consider their likes, dislikes and interior space. This suggests you are incredibly thoughtful and the recipient will be delighted to know you've taken time over those considerations.

2. Gifting art is truly the gift that keeps on giving. The recipient will be reminded of the joy they felt upon receiving the piece (and also be reminded of your thoughtfulness) each time they see it. You may choose a piece which relates to a certain place or the feel of the piece, the colour palette for example, may be reminiscent of a time that you spent together.

3. You could be gifting an investment piece! Purchasing art from emerging artists could be a very wise decision and a highly generous gesture. The recipient could be thanking you in years to come (and hopefully remembering just how thoughtful you were!)


I hope my 3 reasons for gifting art at Christmas have resonated with you :)

My new small works are called 'Winter Abstractions' and 'The Gathering'.

Think 'wintery' and 'earthy' and consider if any may be suitable for you to give to someone special this Christmas (or consider a little treat for yourself maybe... well, it IS Christmas after all).

'Winter Abstractions' are a series of 10 original paintings on paper.

Each painting is 6x6" and comes with a 12x12" matting (sold unframed)

£85 each

They fit a standard 12" frame.

*UPDATED: All sold

Happy Holidays! x


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