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Art residencies provide artists with the time and space to immerse themselves in their creative practice.

They are usually treated as time out of a regular practice where fresh ideas can be explored and new work can be developed. The opportunity of sharing and discussing work with other artists is also a possibility should artists be willing to participate - many friendships are formed during shared time in the studio!

Residencies offered at ARTHOUSE RETREAT STUDIO are studio residences with a small group of artists (up to 4). 

Whilst studio residences are untutored and self-guided, I work alongside artists in the studio, sharing my critical thought processes in my practice and opening discussions around the creative process.

Studio Residencies:

How long is a studio residency?

Both short and longer term residencies are available, either over a weekend or a week (sometimes longer). Please check when booking.

Weekend residencies; arrive Friday 5-7pm to settle in and familiarise yourself with the studio. 

Week residencies; arrive Monday 8am. 


How is the time structured?

Studio residencies are self-guided so you can choose how to spend your time whilst you're here. The studio is open from 8am until 5pm during residences and artists are invited to plan their own schedule during those times. There are certain times when it’s beneficial to gather as a group, I usually like to check-in with everyone at the start of the day and again towards the end of the day to share some reflections - there are also many opportunities throughout the day should you wish to chat about what you’re working on - or you can choose to just be in your zone!


Will I be in the studio for the whole time?

That’s up to you! ARTHOUSE RETREAT STUDIO is situated on an industrial estate - so if peeling paint, old wooden doors, metal window frames and a variety of textures sound appealing to you, you won't be disappointed with the amount of industrial inspiration you'll find (literally) on the doorstep. Alternatively, if coastal views, sun bleached boats and washed up beach finds are more your vibe, Southend’s pebble beach is just a 30 min walk / 10 min drive from the studio so you may wish to take some time out to fill your creative cup during your stay (and maybe even take a quick dip should you fancy it!)

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring whatever it is you’d like to work on ie. studies / references / art materials / tools / a variety of surfaces / headphones. Although the studio is often quiet, being situated on an industrial estate means there can be outside / neighbouring noise at times, so if you like to zone in, please bring your headphones. There are a couple of shops nearby which sell art materials.

What facilities are there in the studio?

3m(w) x 3m(h) walls + flat table space, the ability to spread your work out and work large scale / rest area (sofas + books) / refreshments area (unlimited tea + coffee) / bathroom / fridge.

There are supermarkets / shops nearby where you can buy food for lunches etc.

Where can I stay?

As Southend-on-Sea is popular seaside town, you'll be spoilt for choice with the amount of hotels and B+B's on offer to suit a wide range of budgets. The postcode at the studio is SS2 5DD - a quick Google search should bring up a variety of local options whether you are walking / driving. Always read the reviews before booking.

Getting here / studio access

ARTHOUSE RETREAT STUDIO is accessible via all major transport links - Southend Victoria and Southend Central train stations are within a 10min walk and Southend airport is approx.10mins by car. If you are driving, parking is usually available at the studio.

*The studio studio is located on the first floor of an industrial building accessed by two short flights of stairs - unfortunately there isn't a lift.*

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 22.19.36.png


18A Grainger Road Industrial Estate




There are currently no upcoming residency dates

Please contact me if you are interested in a single / small group residency

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