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Creative Explorations

What are Creative Explorations?

4x 3hr weekly sessions offering you the time, space and support to explore an element of your creative practice


A blend of live studio sessions and thoughtful discussions


An opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of  your work and your practice


An invitation to join ​a private Facebook group for photo sharing and ongoing conversations


A chance to learn about what other group members are experiencing, gain insights and be inspired


Creative Explorations

Practice, Process + Positivity

Supporting your creative life


A group of 8 artists and creatives (+ me) will meet every week for 4 weeks, each session will last for 3 hours.
This is an opportunity for you to spend some dedicated time exploring your creative practice in a guided and supportive small group setting. It could be a space where you try out something new or dive deeper into an element of your practice which you've been wanting to explore further.

It's also a wonderful opportunity for you to talk about your work, if this is something you feel conscious about, starting off in a supportive and nurturing space is perfect. It's also hugely beneficial hearing other's talk about their practice too, many times, we are faced with similar obstacles in the studio, so by sharing these we can often find many solutions to move forward.

Each session with take on the following format:
Opening thoughts / check-in / intentions from each group member
1 hr (minimum) studio time together (cameras on or off, whichever you are comfortable with)
Closing thoughts / reflections / moving forward

My aim is that we will move through the weeks with a blend of practical work and thoughtful discussions enabling you to make progress with your explorations.

There will be a private Facebook group where you may wish to share your work and continue the conversations in between the sessions. Recordings of the sessions will be available to watch in the Facebook group.


I encourage you to keep a journal throughout this process and prompts will be provided for the types of questions which you may wish to ask yourself.

Where could your 'Creative Explorations' take you??

Monthly sessions of Creative Explorations will return in 2023

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