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It's not always black and white - but I wish it was.

Life seems easier when it is

Grey = thinking

And thinking prevents action

I want more black + white

Soooooooo... I've been in a bit of a funk these past few days. I'm not totally sure why but I think it's related to the changes which are happening / upcoming. My mind and body aren't comfortable about it and I can feel some resistance. It was a struggle to do almost anything productive at the weekend - paint / exercise / admin tasks...

Since starting my mentoring programme 2 weeks ago I haven't let myself down on the exercise part, I've been out running every day no later than 6am, the weekend was tough but I did it, this morning however... I fell back asleep, woke again and kept saying to myself, 'come on, just get up, you're going anyway so you may as well just go...', I continued to lay there...,'come on, come on...' you know how it goes...

When I started this, I made a non-negotiable deal with myself that I wouldn't let this part slide, I wouldn't give myself a get-out - in the hope that this 'training' of my brain will eventually spread to the other areas of my life - the areas where I think and think and think and don't take action.

So on my run this morning I thought about these contrasts, the 'black and white', the 'do or don't' and thought about how strong and focused they feel.

Why do high contrast paintings stand out?

Because they have clarity, because they have definition... of course, I believe there's a place for grey scale paintings but they're much more subtle and not as punchy or sharp.

How strong and determined do we feel when we've made a decision and just know it's the right one? In that space, there's no room for greyness, for cloudy thinking or for 'hmmm... I'm not sure...'s

So is grey the emotional bit in the middle that can hold us back (well, me)?


As always, your comments are welcome and the chances are, whatever you have to say will help somebody else too x


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