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And breeeathe...


Remember the coaching programme I was taking part in? The thing that was helping me to release the lion within…? (chuckle)

Well for various reasons, it ended, before it was due to.

I like to think I’m an open person, I’m very accepting of others, of our colourful backgrounds and believe our experiences make us the people we are today.

I also try to live my life in the present, I let go of my story and stopped living in the past a long time ago and neither do I think nor plan too far ahead, I only know today, now.

Considering this, and learning from life’s experiences, I also try to not get too attached to things and people to an extent… please don’t interpret this as I don’t get close to people, my friends and family who know me the best, know I’m so close and go deep with them… but I guess what I mean is, I don’t hold on too tight – I allow things to flow and fully accept that everything has a natural cycle and / or ending. This knowing enables me to take pleasure and have gratitude in whatever it is I’m experiencing in the present, for however long it’s in my life.

So when the coaching ended, my first thought was, ‘well okay, it’s a shame but these things happen and it wasn’t to be - and I’m grateful for what the last 10 weeks gave me, it switched a switch on inside of me that I wanted to be activated so I guess, that’s that’ kinda thing…

Since then, there’s been a lot of noise about it from other my fellow coaching members and I have thought deeply, not only about that, but all of our online and offline ways of living, how and where we choose to spend our time and energies, how we’re influenced and to what extent etc. and do you know what, I needed to employ my skills of detachment - I know when I need to turn the outside off and zone into me.

These were yesterday's marks, no planning, purely intuitive and I loved it.

And I'm once again, grateful for this lesson - and onwards we go 🙌✨✨


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