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What do you really WANT?

It’s been a while since I spoke about the inspiration behind my work.

Chatting about it yesterday at the exhibition excited me all over again, not that it ever leaves me but focusing on it and really feeling it makes me want to go deeper with it, I seem to gain a deeper understanding when I say it out loud - that goes for everything really doesn’t it?

My work always reflects my life, not in an obvious way of ‘oh this is black, I was having a dark day…’ but in a wider sense, like the bigger things. So for example, this new collection, ‘What’s your Fancy?’

There are so many points to mention but I’ll share just one for now -

If you've been following me for a while, you may know that recently, I decided I wanted a mentor(s), some no nonsense, no fluffy-stuff, hard core accountability to help me push through some boundaries which I believed were holding me back… I’m now 10 weeks in with my mentorship programme and I can see many, many changes within myself. Through determination and the support of my mentors, I’m becoming much more bold - I’m being open with my desires and stepping way outside of my comfort zone, time and time again.

And what’s happened…? My work has become much more bold - the shapes have become stronger and the compositions are more defined, there’s more clarity around what I’m saying - see the connections? (I’ll talk about the shapes in another post)

Btw… I’d also decided a few months ago that I felt strong compositions were missing from my work - so I decided to focus on this element - so in art and then in life… my work continues to teach and guide me and vice versa - and both become stronger.

The reason for the name of this collection, ‘What’s Your Fancy’ is just me turning the question to you I guess… I’m focusing a lot on what I want right now, what I want my life to look like, what I want it to feel like… and I’m dreaming about and creating the absolute BEST one I can conjure up!

Yesterday, when I was chatting to people about this, when they were so caught up in my excitement, I wanted them to ask themselves that too. We’re often afraid to say what it is that we really WANT, in life, in relationships, in most things - because it can be looked upon as selfish or vulgar or ungrateful to even want more or better for ourselves.

I’ll be honest in saying that this hasn’t come easy to me and I’m still exploring so much around it but I can already see that just by me wanting more (for myself and others), wanting to be better, wanting to be the very BEST version of me that I can be and taking action every day, it’s already impacting so many people around me - the amount of messages of support and thank you’s I’ve received saying that I’m inspiring others to take more action, to be more bold, is incredible! (So how can this ever be deemed as selfish?).

Isn’t there a quote about ‘when one rises, we all rise’?? I’m sure there is…

Anyway, so the point of this post was to give some context to the title of my new collection and share with you how my work is like a visual journal for me and how in a rather abstract way it conveys what’s happening in my life.

In short (haha) … does this resonate with you?


As always, your comments are welcome and the chances are, whatever you have to say will help somebody else too x



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